Org brings sweet treats to stressed students

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

As exams and the end of the semester draw near and most students begin their frantic studying sessions, it can help to get a little something to give them that extra push during a late night.

It was this exact idea that inspired Residence Hall Association Marketing Coordinator, Emma Passig and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to come together to create the ‘Pop in to Say Hi’ campaign.

This April social media incentive program combines social media and generosity that allows students to nominate their friends by sending a message to the RHA’s Instagram account with the name, hall and room number of the person they’d like to send the popcorn treat to.

“The idea behind the campaign is that with finals and the end of the year approaching, RHA wants to recognize that we are all here to support each other to finish strong this semester,” said Passig. “And that’s the type of message we want to relay with this campaign.”

The idea of creating a positive experience for students at all times is something RHA is always striving for in everything they plan and do.

“We love spreading positivity within the residence halls,” said Maria Glorioso, the assistant director for student engagement and primary advisor for the org. 

“And RHA works really hard to make sure students feel heard, appreciated, welcomed, and included.”

The window for ordering the treats is now closed, and the treats will be delivered to student mailboxes starting the first week of May.