New ideas, new faces, new goals

UW-W elects Purcell and Ostermann as WSG President and Vice President

Shannan Lojeski, News Editor

After serving The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Student Government (WSG) for four terms, Student Body President Tom Kind will be stepping away from his position.

When asked to summarize his time as WSG president, Kind explained what an honor being a voice for fellow students has been.

“I have grown, I have become a better person, but most importantly, the people of this campus have shown me what it truly means to think of others first as a part of the Warhawk Family,” said Kind. “Networking is probably the biggest experience I have gained, but I also know that I’ve learned how to listen better. I know how to work with people who do not have the same background and experiences.”

Taking Kind’s place as president of WSG is current WSG Public Relations and Marketing Director senior Jennifer Purcell.

Purcell attended University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point as a freshman but decided to take a year and a half off after feeling misplaced in the college scene. During that time off, Purcell worked at Walt Disney World where she became interested in the field of business.

“During that year of growth, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in communications and business, so I transferred to UW-Whitewater. This was a difficult transition and I hope that I will be able to help other transfer students,” said Purcell. “Actively listening, sharing some of my own personal stories, having integrity, asking advice from others and building genuine relationships are some of the ways I hope to continue to grow in my skills of empowering transfer students and others.”

Taking the place of Kind, Purcell understands the expectations and responsibility that comes with her new position. Along with Ostermann, she outlined a number of instated goals for WSG including advocating at a state level for increased counseling resources, bringing support for sexual assault survivors to both UW-W and UW-W at Rock County, continuing to advance the mission of assisting students with disabilities, and many more.

“I hope that my input and ideas will be embraced as I build my own relationships with administration and staff on campus. Maintaining a positive attitude and holding myself accountable with that I am truly representing the student voice with help me face these challenges,” said Purcell.

Serving alongside Purcell as vice president of WSG will be newly elected junior Alex Ostermann. Both Purcell and Ostermann expect exciting changes in the upcoming months as UW-W continues to grow both with faculty and students.  

“We are at a very exciting time in the university, as we start to wrap up the sesquicentennial campaign, have a new Chancellor starting and other administrators coming soon and have a bigger family at UW-Whitewater at Rock County,” said Ostermann. “I’m very excited to build these relationships and find new ways to connect with students to have a positive impact on campus.”

As a student leader, he looks forward to building new connections and continuing to fill position on WSG’s Executive Board. Ostermann urges students to reach out to WSG during this time in order that their needs can be met.

“As we start to reach summertime and before going into the fall semester, I would love to continue hearing from students on concerns they have with campus, or also great things campus has to offer that we can highlight going into the next academic year,” said Ostermann.

Kind encourages both Purcell and Ostermann to remain true to who they are and confidently stand by their beliefs as they begin to serve as president and vice president of WSG. Passing the baton over, he feels confident that both individuals will honor and serve the university.

“I think that Jen and Alex will complement each other well with their strengths. I believe strongly that these two are going to do a fine job. They will support each other as they grow and overcome challenges,” said Kind. “I feel confident that the next executive team will do well supporting our university. I’ve been here for four years, it’s time for some new ideas, new faces, and new goals.”