Back in Action

After almost two years beloved Rosa’s pizza is open once again

Jenna Giese, Biz & Tech Editor

Rosa’s Pizza saw tragedy on Oct. 7, 2017 when a fire devastated the building. As a result of the tragedy, co-owners Sean Stemper and Andrew Marzahl decided to rebuild. Throughout reconstruction, the community showed its support and excitement for the finished product.

“When we would go out, people would ask us how we’re doing and when we’re coming back,” Stemper said.

The community got its answer on June 15, 2019, when Rosa’s finally reopened its doors for business.

With the reconstruction came some new changes to the look of Rosa’s. The design now has a more modern look with a new logo, as well as remodeled bathrooms and handmade tables. The building also received new landlords, Greg and Tammy Aprahamian of Stonegate Management LLC.

UW-Whitewater students are more than overjoyed about the resurrected restaurant. Senior August Hengel was one of many students who made sure to attend the grand reopening and to revisit multiple times since. Hengel and his friends were heartbroken after the building burned down in October 2017. To help, the group began a GoFundMe page, raising over $2,700 that supported the reconstruction efforts.

“At that moment in time, we knew that the only thing to do was put our brains together to come up with a way to help,” Hengel said.

Students from across campus answered the call to help bring back one of their favorite eateries. And the kind gesture did not go unnoticed by Stemper, who recalled the boys’ generous act. He is thankful for the support from Whitewater’s Warhawks, and the students are thankful Rosa’s is back in action.