Time management and taking time for you

Jackson Mihm, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Getting ready for the school year is a big task.

Many students underestimate the benefits of preparing for the upcoming school year before it starts. Whether it’s the first day of school or starting the last semester in college, these are a few tips that make the transition easier:

Waking up early for class is never easy.

Try setting an alarm earlier in the morning about a month before going back to school. The change doesn’t happen quick either, adjusting a couple days before school starts just isn’t a reality. Getting enough sleep is a big part of succeeding in school.

What happens when class is done for the day?

Don’t know? Make a schedule. Smartphones allow one to carry a full calendar on them throughout the entire day. Set some

time aside each day, maybe an hour or two, for homework and studying right after school while the material covered is still fresh in mind. After that, some personal time is well-deserved.

“Time management is the thing I’ve found to be an important part in each step of life, whether it was college, a job, or business.” Said Sonia Cruz, a former teacher.

Check if there are any required materials to be completed before the first day of class.

If checking class syllabi online is a possibility, that’s a way to find out when exams or projects are happening. Knowing when a class is about to get difficult helps with planning.Try to contact instructors as well, ask some questions about the material of the class, or the professor’s background. What attracted them to teaching? Why this subject?

“You benefit from getting to know your instructors early on, not just when you get into trouble with their class,” Professor Sarah Hassenhauer said.   

Certain classes can be information heavy starting out, and it can be a shock. Do some mental exercise, read a book before going back to school. Reading a book is an easy way to get the gears turning again. Smartphones help in this area as well. By downloading a reader app one can carry around a library of books in their pocket.

A student at UW-Whitewater said, “Your mental health is going to be challenged once school starts, so you have to mentally prepare yourself.”

School can be incredibly mentally taxing if you don’t prepare correctly for it. Sleeping and eating right, managing your time, and preparing is just the start, but it’s the foundation of a successful return back to school and a successful year all together. Adjusting back to your school schedule as early as possible and getting your mind ready for the school year is essential to set you on the right track for the rest of the semester and year.

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