Lifestyle editor grateful to have another year

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

Dear Royal Purple Reader,

Welcome to an exciting new school year – new professors, new classes, new memories to make and a million new chances to improve from last year. The idea of a new beginning is always exciting. For as long as I can remember, a new school year has always had so much promise, and this is especially true now that I am beginning my third semester as your Lifestyle Editor. It’s so exciting to think that I’ve got a whole year of stories ahead of me, a whole new realm of ways to push myself past my current comfort zone, mistakes to make and so much yet to learn.  And, though I am proud of what I did last year – especially since my knowledge while writing my first article last October was next to none – I realize that there are a lot of things within this campus that I didn’t use my position to shine a light on. This is the biggest thing I hope to right this year because, as the Lifestyle Editor, it’s my job to highlight the lives of all different kinds of students and what they’re passionate about. It’s crazy to think of how many different organizations and lives there are on this campus. There are students thousands of miles away from their homes, students balancing kids and education and a million different clubs that tackle anything any student could possibly be interested in. There’s an Anime club, clubs dedicated to religions, and clubs solely dedicated to helping others. These people and orgs are the heart of UW-Whitewater, and it would be absolutely ludicrous not to give them the chance they deserve to shine. And, when these amazing people give me the chance to share their stories, I hope to continue writing with so much passion and accuracy that every person feels proud to have their name printed in black and white under the Lifestyle logo. I truly just want to make the campus that trusted me with this position proud, and I am so incredibly blessed to have another year to do so.