WSG tackles pronoun usage bill

Olivia Storey, News Editor

The Whitewater Student Government (WSG) proposed a piece of legislation regarding pronoun usage for students at UW-W to their floor on Monday, Sept. 16. The bill was submitted by Ethan Hoeppner, the director of student affairs, and Austin May, the newly elected Parliamentarian.

“Originally, when I transitioned into this position [the previous director] had discussed this bill with me, and I got really interested in it,” Hoeppner said. “I began speaking with people like Jan [Bilgen], Dr. [Kenny] Yarbrough and getting more information on it.”

Hoeppner worked on this bill alongside WSG Senator Austin May. They both saw the importance of making sure students feel safe here and that their correct pronouns are being used.

“We found it appropriate because we have to be representative of all students,” May said, “on and off campus.”

The bill was met with support from staff and students given its inclusive nature and timing.

“From people that I had spoken to, Dr. Yarbrough was on board, and Dr. Wesley was on board with it as well,” Hoeppner said. “I had also spoken with Stephanie Selvick who works in the Pride Center. She helped me write some of it, too.”

Hoeppner and May were able to work alongside members of the Pride Center to ensure that the terminology and language used in the bill was inclusive. After many rewrites and critiques, the bill was finally presented to the Senate floor.

“I kept [the presentation] pretty brief, because the Senate still has a week to ask questions about it,” he said. “There was very little pushback, if any.”

Outside of the bill, sophomore Davin Stavroplos was elected as deputy speaker.

“At the start of this semester, I wanted to hit the ground running.” said Stavroplos. “I entered the deputy speaker race with a plan to specialize and expand our outreach to the campus community.”