UW-W campus connects with local art community


Savannah Hernandez

Works on display in Cultivating Connection exhibit.

Scout Springgate, Managing Editor

The Cultivating Connections exhibit on display in Roberta’s Art Gallery of the University Center showcases the diverse artistic talents of the Whitewater community and shines light on artists beyond the campus’ limits.

Artwork within the exhibit is provided by the Whitewater Arts Alliance a community organization within the Cultural Arts Center in downtown Whitewater. The display is a selection of artwork from the members of the Whitewater Arts Alliance that highlights the creativity and diversity of the community.

With the exhibit located in Roberta’s Art Gallery, UW-W students and faculty are able to view and appreciate the creativity from the local community without traveling off campus.

“This exhibit in particular is really cool for campus because it connects campus with the community,” said Arts Manager, Rosie Sheets. “The campus does a lot of things with the community and this is just kind of a way to highlight it.”

The artwork within the exhibit features a multitude of different styles and designs, such as sculptures, oil and charcoal paintings, and mixed media pieces to name a few.

“Probably the use of materials that they have,” said UW-W junior and community member Janet Nelson on what aspect of the exhibit she felt was the most interesting. “There is such a variety of media used.”

Regarding the selection by the Whitewater Arts Alliance of the artwork to be displayed, jurors were hired to evaluate the many pieces of art submitted by the members of the Whitewater Arts Alliance and picked those that were subjectively their favorites.

“I think that that bridge between campus culture and the community was just a really needed opportunity,” said Whitewater Arts Alliance Gallery Manager Taylor McDarison on the importance of connecting the UW-W campus with the Whitewater community. “So it was nice to see those two things happen in the same place.”

The Cultivating Connections exhibit will remain on display within Roberta’s Art Gallery until Sept. 25. Roberta’s Art Gallery is set to host other exhibits and receptions throughout the fall semester, where all students and community members are welcome to attend.