Forget breakfast just give me coffee

Jessica Rawski, Biz & Tech Editor

Black coffee does not suit me. I don’t like the flavor and if I add sugar and creamer, it will only make me bounce off the walls more than if I somehow just choked down the coffee in the first place. I love lattes and Frappuccino’s, but there’s no way that I’m willing to spend five dollars every day on one cup of coffee. So, my favorite coffee on campus is the ones that come from the vending machines in the basements of Winther and the library. It’s very light, you can get it in lots of different flavors, and its only $1.25. Also, it’s always in a completely desolated area so you can avoid lines and talking to people. It’s perfect except that something is always wrong with the machines.

Sometimes there are no lids, which I can handle. Sometimes there are no cups, which I cannot handle as well. Other times only thin water comes out, and sometimes the machines will be down for weeks and only say “offline” on the screen. However, the worst problem came about a week ago. I was very excited because the machine seemed to be working perfectly, so I swiped my card and payed for my coffee. But the machine decided not to dispense a cup and instead I had to pay $1.25 to watch my coffee pour straight down into the drain. Honestly, it’s unacceptable and was painful to watch. Please fix these coffee machines. I am tired and could use a cup of my favorite on-campus coffee.