Bids welcome home


photo courtesy of Trenton Graves

Delta Chi fraternity poses for a picture with new members after their recruitment week.

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

Recruitment week is the chance for a fresh new start for both standing members of Greek organizations and new recruits. This year recruitment takes place during the entire month of September and, just like every year, includes events that welcome bids, or new members, into their new homes.

For the Interfraternity Council fraternities which includes fraternities all the way from Alpha Sigma Pi to Phi Delta Theta, the formal recruitment process takes place from Tuesday, Sept. 10 to Tuesday, Sept. 24.

This includes everything from the formal process through each individual fraternity and include events like cookouts, football games and billiards to an information night for new members just getting into the Greek scene.

According to Alex Ostermann, president of the Interfraternity Council, the two week festivities end with a ‘bid night presentation’ to introduce new members a to the rest of the campus.

On the other side, within the Panhellenic Council sororities which includes orgs all the way from Alpha Gamma Delta to Sigma Sigma Sigma, recruitment happens from Friday, Sept. 6 to Saturday, Sept. 24. Similar to the Interfraternity Council, this process includes events held by each separate house meant to welcome new bids in. These events can range from ice cream socials to service projects.

And according to Lia Caruso, Panhellenic Council recruitment chair, these few nights are important to all new bids for finding their new homes.

“These recruitment events are extremely important to both the women going through the process as well as the sororities, as it really helps them get to know each other and show off what each side has to offer the other. It’s all about the potential new members finding their perfect match, which is so important.”

For those thinking of joining in on the recruitment process next year, senior Delta Chi member and Recruitment Chair, Trenton Graves says the key to finding a home on campus is to just be yourself through all of the craziness within the week.

“Rush week is a time when you’re trying to rush a fraternity, you should be yourself the most. You’re going to find yourself, and you’re going to be around the people who accept you the most for who you are, not for who you want to be.”