Excited to experience UW-Whitewater Homecoming

Danielle Kronau, Assistant Arts & Rec Editor

I am very excited for homecoming this year because it means I get the chance to celebrate not only being a Warhawk, but being a part of something that is warm and welcoming. The last time I ever had a homecoming celebration was my senior year of high school. Even though I didn’t really actively participate, I enjoyed it so much because it made me feel welcomed after a long season of not seeing friends and familiar faces.

What I am looking forward to the most during homecoming this year is getting to see everyone dressed up as something different every day pertaining to the theme. I am also looking forward to my favorite part of homecoming which is the parade, because I get to see the unpredictable amounts of energy reflected off of everyone. One reason I’m looking forward to homecoming, is because I get to see how involved everyone becomes. When I get to see that, it makes this year’s homecoming that much more exciting for me to attend and be a part of as well.

As a transfer student attending UW-Whitewater this year, I am very excited for all of these activities to occur because it reminds me of everything I wasn’t able to experience while at UW-Whitewater-Rock County. Although my two year campus had different celebrations and events going on, there was no homecoming celebration. Being here at a four year campus and learning that the campus has a week-long homecoming celebration, it reminds me of how much fun homecoming is and how much I have come to really miss it.

As a fellow transfer Warhawk, I am very excited to experience homecoming and to watch it energetically unfold before my eyes.

– Danielle Kronau

Assistant Arts and Rec Editor