A cup fit for a Chi

Delta Chi wins the President’s Cup

Olivia Storey, News Editor

The UW-W chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity has won one of the highest awards a Delta Chi chapter can receive, the President’s Cup. This award is given to the chapter who has the best financial management, the strongest alumni relations and has become a chapter of excellence.

“It’s the highest international award, so we have chapters in the U.S. and Canada,” said Charlie Kudy, Delta Chi president. “You have to go through three tiers of awards: core competencies, becoming a chapter of excellence and then the President’s Cup.”

Out of all 120 Delta Chi chapters, UW-W’s chapter was one of five that won the award, putting them in the top 4 percent of chapters internationally.

Delta Chi considers the President’s Cup to be one of the most honorable and important things their chapter has achieved.

“I think it’s a huge [honor], especially because we are a smaller school,” said Ed Parzygnat, the alumni relations director. “We compete with schools that are division one universities, so being a small school in Wisconsin is [why it’s important]. I also think it’s a cool thing for our younger members.”

Kudy hopes the younger members see the passion that the older members have put into the chapter and that it inspires them to strive for more awards down the line.

“It definitely provides motivation to our younger members to stay hungry and want to get another one,” he said. “As well as keep working to make sure our chapter is active nationally and locally. You have to prove that you’re active members of the community in order to get one of these.”

Outside of being an active community member, the winners of the President’s Cup must show their dedication and pride for their philanthropy, The Jimmy V Foundation. By contributing to the philanthropy, it shows that the chapter members are being active in the community, as well as being active on a national scale.

“We set a new bar for the money that was raised for Jimmy V,” said Ian Wirtz, the chairman of philanthropy for Delta Chi. “Having a strong philanthropy is one of the criteria that our international president looks at when he is giving out awards.”

Wirtz was able to break the chapter’s all-time record this year and raise roughly $7,200 at Delta Chi’s annual golf outing from different sponsorships, family members and businesses in the Milwaukee and Madison areas.

“We are not done raising money for our philanthropy,” he said. “In the next few weeks, we will have a wristband sale. All proceeds from this will go directly to the Jimmy V Foundation. Cancer is something that has affected my life and affects the lives of many people. Every donation to research will help put an end to this horrible disease.”

The members of Delta Chi are excited for their future and do not plan to stop bringing home these awards for all of their hard work and dedication.

The men of Delta Chi are proud to be part of the largest chapter in Wisconsin, and are happy to now celebrate their 51st anniversary on UW-W’s campus.