Communications Ambassadors are here to help

Jessica Rawski, Biz & Tech Editor

The Communications Department has assigned new Communications Ambassadors for the school year and they have big plans. The three ambassadors this year are Becca Fish, Kassandra Simplot and Jenna Mauk.

All three have a similar goal: to help students figure out their college goals and discover if communications is the major for them.

“Being able to help somebody figure out what their college path is going to look like and being able to just help them, that’s what’s in it for me,” said Becca Fish.

The three ambassadors function as the face of the department. Their time is mostly spent going around to classrooms to give presentations about the department and the different options that are available to students.

They also host preview days on campus for incoming freshman to show them what being a communications major is all about. Speaking with parents is another crucial role of an ambassador, as well as going to local high schools to spread more information.

“As a Communications Ambassador, I hope to educate and inspire students to find the right major for them,” said Mauk.

This year, the three have decided to focus more on transfer students. All three ambassadors happen to be transfer students themselves, so this particular issue hits close to home.

Sometimes transfer students can feel a little overwhelmed coming into a new school and have to focus extra time on making sure their credits transfer and learning the ins and outs of a new place.

“Every university is different, every college that you could be transferring from is different and there’s a lot of balance that needs a little extra time and care,” said Simplot.

The three ambassadors have put in a lot of time and effort to make sure both transfer students and freshmen feel informed and prepared for wherever college takes them, and plan to continue this goal of helping others into the future.