Men’s Soccer wins Conference Semifinal

Warhawks are one game away from an NCAA Tournament birth


Dane Sheehan

After a Goulmouth scramble, Mariano Carini puts the ball into the net for the Warhawks.

Ross Guyette, Assistant Sports Editor

When Coach Guinn started this season, he wanted to make sure that he had all his guys on the same page. He wanted them to take advantage of the tough schedule ahead, and to be a team with strong leadership and cohesion.

Hand picking these recruits to assemble this team has been a tough journey, but one that has paid off for coach Tony Guinn who has more than 20 years of experience doing just that. It’s all in the mindset to have while assembling a cohesive unit.

“I have to make sure that these guys fit with each other. Yeah they may be from different backgrounds but ultimately they all strive for the same goal and when you have a group like that, opportunity is endless,” said Coach Guinn.

The Warhawks have earned many personal accolades for impressive feats during this years’ tough schedule. Trophies and Individual honors have highlighted the Warhawks efforts, generating praise and hope for more to come.

While talking to these players and throughout the season, it has been abundantly clear the dedication these athletes have to each other and their tenured coach.

Having fun on and off the field has built this team to the point where this chemistry along with great athleticism puts them over the top. You really get the sense of the like-minded approach these athletes have as numerous conferences with a dozen or so players reaffirms time and time again.

“We have grown as a team and matured in building our culture. Discipline has been instrumental, we work hard for each other and the brotherhood we have made is super strong. We always have what we need within our team,” said team captain Tyler Johnson.

Facing the impossible is easy for this team as each player puts their best foot forward knowing that they all have a role to play and that no one individual is without purpose.

They have beaten the odds and overcome all expectations that were placed on them, putting Whitewater on notice that there is more to be seen from this great team.

“When we aren’t on the field we are together. Most of us live together and it is great to make sure that we build our chemistry,” said senior Brian Zimdars When we are on the field, coach makes sure we know that this is bigger than the individual and to make great feats like the NCAA championship you have to give everything to your teammates.”

This selfless team is truly inspiring. Seeing each other on a human level and working together has helped them break records and blaze a new trail for the Whitewater soccer team. But the feeling is that this trail has a few more twists and turns before it’s over.

The semifinal win against Finlandia sets them in a great position to make an NCAA top 25 Tournament bid, something each Warhawk has set their sights on since the season opened.

With this being one of the first seasons where they are elidgable to qualify, this team is not letting this opportunity slip away easily.  Proving to be tough competition moving into championship season.