Culvers celebrates Veteran’s Day

Danny Grisanzio, Assistant News Editor

The Whitewater Culvers celebrated Veteran’s Day early on Nov. 4 by raising funds for VetsRoll, an organization that transports veterans to Washington, D.C. to remember and honor their fallen friends.

Eleven percent of all of the night’s earnings and 100 percent of the Patriot Sundae, a promotional dessert, were given to the organization.

Many of the customers were unaware of any charity event happening.

“We had no idea there was something going on,” said Melonie Carlson, a dining customer. “[Culvers] could be doing something more with promotions and do a much better job of informing customers of the charity.”

While most of the customers agreed ideally with Carlson, more were willing to talk about their experiences with veterans.

“I would want to talk to him about his experiences, and how he was able to go through such violence while maintaining a strong mindset,” said Drew Borland, whose grandfather served in Vietnam.

Others were more interested in talking about the ethics of war as a concept, and whether those involved believed in the cause.

“I would want to know if he supported the war. Whether he truly believed that they should be fighting with their lives or not,” said Brett Yahnke about his grandfather serving in Vietnam.

Some customers were also very concerned with not only the efforts to fund veteran organizations, but also the lack of attempt to socialize with veterans as citizens. While it is important to recognize veterans sacrifices and contributions to the country, it can be just as important to remember veterans are people.

“So many people are willing to thank veterans for their service, but not many are willing to stick around and converse with them,” said Nick Koss.

Culvers contributions are a step in the right direction, but many felt  more can still be done. .

Those wanting to do more can log on to to learn more and contribute to the charity.