A&R Review: Judy Moody & Stink

Danielle Kronau, Arts & Rec Editor

For those who may have forgotten from their childhood years, Judy Moody and Stink is a beloved children’s book and was performed as a musical play for young kids. This show was a brother and sister dynamic duo of Judy Moody wanting to seek fame for herself in various ways while showing her funny, yet trying relationship with her little brother, Stink.

The show opened with cheerful music as the main character came out on stage and introduced herself to the audience and then introduced other beginning characters as the stage set up her life. It was fascinating to watch the performance unfold right before the audience as the actors played their parts well and swiftly but smoothly get the next scene ready as they moved the props around.

With a performance full of laughter, singing and acting, it was hard to find a moment that was not based off laughter.

During one of the scenes near the beginning of the show, Judy Moody tried stumping her brother and his nose as she tested his keen sense of smell to try to prove he couldn’t possibly detect the object she was testing him with. But no matter what she tried using, Stink was able to smell what it was.

As the story progressed for the audience, the scenes got funnier as the main character got even more eager and yet failed many times to get her few minutes of fame. But later in the performance, she decided that being famous was not worth the fame if it caused others trouble. However, she learns a valuable lesson at the end that helps her to fully understand the word “famous.”

Even though the show was only performed for one night, it was enough to get laughter and applause from the families in the audience as they watched the main character go through trial and error to get what she wanted while learning a valuable life lesson.