Org of the week: PAWS

Many people have a four-legged friend that is near and dear to their heart. PAWS, founded last spring, is a relatively new club on the Whitewater campus that focuses on bringing the community and animals closer together. The Royal Purple reached out to Kallie Fowler, president of PAWS, to ask a few questions.

Royal Purple: What is your title and role in PAWS?

Kallie Fowler: I am currently the president of PAWS so I am responsible for thinking of meeting ideas, meeting dates, and making sure our club members feel involved. It is a very collaborative effort between our advisor Dr. Davis and our vice president!

Royal Purple: What is the mission of the PAWS club here on campus?

Kallie Fowler: Our mission is to bridge the gap between the community and animals through volunteering and outreach.​This means that most of the organizations we volunteer with, like humane societies or other animal welfare organizations, are local, such as Touched By A Paw in downtown Whitewater.

Royal Purple: What opportunities does PAWS provide for students as far as internships or resume builders?

Kallie Fowler: PAWS is centered around volunteering which is always a great resume booster. I believe having volunteer experiences outside the scope of one’s major stands out to future employers. In addition, we provide resources for those interested in internships by taking the time and learning what they are interested in, and finding internships that cater to them such as a wildlife internship vs a medical internship.

Royal Purple: What does PAWS do (or plan on doing) around campus as far as events go or promotion?

Kallie Fowler: Because we are a new organization, nothing is set in stone yet. We have discussed taking part in group volunteer orientations at the Humane Society of Southern WI, touring the Shedd Aquarium, visiting retirement homes with some four-legged friends, making tie blankets for shelter animals, and many more!

Royal Purple: What fun benefits are students offered by joining PAWS?

Kallie Fowler: By joining PAWS you are able to spend time with some four-legged friends while padding your resume with great volunteer opportunities that future employers will notice. It is a win-win situation!

Royal Purple: What would you say is the best part about being in PAWS?

Kallie Fowler: The best part about being in PAWS is being able to help animals in need while also benefiting your college community.

Royal Purple: Where can students find more information about PAWS, online or in-person?

Kallie Fowler: Students can find more information about PAWS using Connect!

Royal Purple: What time and where are meetings for PAWS going to be held?

Kallie Fowler: PAWS meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 8 p.m. However, based on the members’ needs we change the meetings each semester as needed.