Warhawks at Night welcomes entertainment

Kylie Jacobs, Assistant Biz & Tech Editor

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater hosted an all-campus event at its University Center on Friday. Jan. 24. This event included multiple activities ranging from a movie, live music, to a star headline hypnotist show performed by Freddie Justice.

“The UC offers lots of programs and things that most people don’t even know about so it’s a kind of fun way to see what we offer,” said UC Arts Director, Rosie Sheets.

At the event, free snacks, live entertainment, and activities were offered and were abuzz with the students who attended. A balloon artist stationed near the front of the University Center quickly drew in large crowds, showcasing his talent with bright displays of balloon art, ranging from palm trees to penguins.

“I think it’s just mostly about that campus outreach. Having a place for people to just hang out, not just going out to bars, but having a campus that puts things out that just aren’t academics,” said event staff worker, Alex Michaelson.

With the University Center already being popular with students, it was no surprise that the students were able to find it easy to relax. Each student had the opportunity to spend time at different craft tables or acquiring free food, such as fresh popcorn and hot chocolate. In the meantime, the staff members traveled on bikes to hand out free ice cream pops.

“I think it is just like a big boost for people. It’s a great way to get to know people. It’s a way to be able to make friends, and just see the connections you can make on campus.” said Sheets.

Staff workers were also milling about, encouraging students to partake in activities such as a photo booth filled with props to pose with, or other games such as bingo, pop culture trivia, or even a bags tournament. The sweet deal continued with the Warhawk Alley having it’s free, all-access week, letting students try out the bowling alley, billiards, and other activities they have to offer.

“It’s just, this is all fun. There’s always a ton to offer, and always something new you’ve never done before,” said Michaelson.

The headlining event, Freddie Justice, a hypnotist performer, already had several people lining up to the doors well before the demonstration began. Deemed the ‘Planet’s Funniest Hypnotist,’ Justice was unsurprisingly able to captivate both volunteers and audience.

“It makes everyone feel as if they’re part of a community, and that there are different kinds of stuff for us to do out here and different opportunities and experiences,” said University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student Angela Cortes.

The University Center offers many more events similar to the all-access night. For more information on different crafts, movies, activities, and events such as the Polar Plunge, a full list of events throughout the remainder of the semester can be found on the website uww.edu/uc.