Roberta’s Art Gallery crafts provide warmth


Danielle Klais

Two small hand-warmers made by Danielle Klais at the DIY hand-warmer event.

Danielle Klais, Arts & Rec Editor

Students gathered outside Roberta’s Art Gallery to make Do-It-Yourself hand-warmers on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Students from all walks of life joined together on January 28 to create DIY hand warmers. The free event attracted a crowd of 10 at first and more students arrived after 5 p.m. The process was simple: take two pieces of felt, sew them together until there is one side unsewn, then stuff it with rice and sew it back up. This was an easy task for some people, but for others, it was a bit more daunting. Despite how some students didn’t know how to sew, many of those who were practiced in sewing rose to the occasion and taught their neighbors the best techniques.

“I know more than I did before coming here. I sort of had an idea of how to sew before but never actually knew the right way,” says Aaliya Evans, a freshman and a political science major.

While many students struggled at first, most managed to leave the event with a hand-warmer they were proud of. There were all types of hand-warmers of all colors and shapes. Some students even made star-shaped hand-warmers. Mariah Carson, a senior and Workshop Lead for Roberta’s Art Gallery, was the event curator. She provided the supplies and walked students through the steps of making the hand-warmers.

“We have hosted many events like this over the years. My favorite part about hosting events is allowing for people to engage with the gallery as well as find time to sit down and take a break from classes to do something enjoyable,” Carson says.

    Roberta’s Art Gallery is known for hosting workshops and art events and its aim is to engage with individuals and students in the community and on campus.  It’s a place for students to come together and express their creativity in new ways, whether it be a painting event or a DIY hand warmer workshop.

“I love these activities. I think this is my fourth activity at Roberta’s Art Gallery. I usually always come to activities here because they’re always creative and fun,” says University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student, Nia Mooney.

The next event hosted outside Roberta’s Art Gallery will give students the opportunity to make love letters on Feb. 10.