New budgetary website now featured on university homepage

Budgeting a Stronger Future: Reinvestment, Revenue Generation and Reduction, is a new budget website that has been posted on the homepage. You will find a link to it at the top of the homepage. A screenshot of the link is also included with this email.

This is a one-stop location for information regarding our budget situation. It includes links to campus communications, the list of upcoming and previously held listening sessions, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and a link to submit cost saving ideas to my office and the Process Improvement Advisory Team or PIAT.

The FAQs are still underdevelopment and new items will be added as they become available, so I encourage you to check back often.

We are keepers of our culture and stewards of place.  As we shape and shepherd our message through our actions and our words, I ask that each of you use the website to help focus your attention on having the correct information as you navigate questions regarding our budget situation. Communicating facts and correct information trumps speculation. I call upon all of us to avoid dealing in speculation — which only causes more unease.

As I have said before, I believe by focusing on our values, and through collaboration and creative problem solving we can develop long-term solutions that will help stabilize the budget, create new sources of revenue and strengthen our enrollment. We need everyone to participate and stay engaged.


Dr. Dwight C. Watson Chancellor