Employers help UW-W students leap into networking success

Makayla Fedler, Assistant Biz & Tech Editor

On Feb. 28, a group of employers came to the university to answer questions from both students and faculty about Liberal Education and America’s Promise and what students should have on their resume to help them hired before or after graduating college.

LEAP was started in UW-Whitewater in 2010 and has continued to be successful to both faculty and students at the University.

The organization brought in Mariah Lohff from Jones Dairy Farm, Marilyn Lovejoy from Spacesaver Corporations, and Jeff Townsend, president of Rock Energy Systems. The panel discussed the LEAP principles of knowledge, personal skills and what they seek when hiring college graduates.

Jonny Carbajal said he came to the discussion to “learn different techniques as well as information to keep in mind to work towards being hired.”

The panel also discussed what they feel students should be experts at before looking for a job. They expressed that Excel is a useful and important tool to be mastered when it comes to going into the workforce after graduation.

Another key feature to master is professional writing: when it comes to contacting an employer about a job opportunity, make sure to address them professionally as well as including your name. Most employers struggle to hire people when their name isn’t included after every email sent and delivered.    

Concluding the employer panel, in the Hamilton Room were posters of multiple aspects of LEAP and how it contributes to encouraging students to join the organization as well as steps to getting hired after graduation.

Academic Network Graduate Coordinator, Keith Malueg, had two students prepare a poster for the event and says, “this event is doing big things for the campus as well as students who want to learn more how to help and promote LEAP.”

Mariah Lohff, HR Generalist for Jones Dairy Farm as well as a UW Alumni, said “The experience of LEAP and being back at Whitewater is to encourage the students that they are on the right path to success and to reassure them that your Bachelor’s Degree is important. College is what you make out of it. Get involved in the best way that keeps your drive towards your career path.”

The LEAP event was a success with key information provided for everyone at Whitewater on how to take that next step of achieving your goal after graduating. For more information, check out https://www.uww.edu/leap.