“Nostalgia” exhibit by Cate Mahnke

Front Row Review


Artist Cate Mahnke’s exhibit “Nostalgia” is on display online through Roberta’s Art Gallery Aug. 14-Sept. 18.

Cate Mahnke’s grandparents raised her in the Cagayan Valley of the Philippines. In her childhood, she ran through rice fields, shared stories, and danced in the rain. Through her art exhibit “Nostalgia” presented online by Roberta’s Art Gallery, she wanted to reminisce about her past and especially her family.

While observing her work, it seems as if her gentle strokes slow down time. Mahnke says she felt safe growing up with her grandmother and she remembered them whenever she saw the church in which her grandfather pastored, as depicted in the painting “Katya.” Her grandmother stood by her side, and the bright yellow hues in the oils on canvas painting seem to represent her childhood happiness.

Her piece called “Market” shows the liveliness of the Philippine night markets. The orange and red flowers blossom across bouquets while a shadowed cab appears in the background of the acrylic painting.

While she washed the laundry, Mahnke would laugh with her aunties and her grandmother would smile. Mahnke says she is able to see even the most mundane activities in a different light, as expressed in brightly colored oils and acrylic three-panel-painting called “Freshly Laundered Linen.” 

The collection is a reflection of her past in the Philippines and her identity as a Filipino-American. Cate Mahnke’s art exhibit called, “Nostalgia” will be featured online from Aug. 14 – Sept. 18 through Roberta’s Art Gallery.