UW-W Mobile App helps campus plan in uncertain times



Student Sarah Augustine checks out the UW-Whitewater Mobile App while relaxing in her residence hall.

Andrew Abler, Journalist

Instructional Communication and Information Technology (ICIT) created the UW-Whitewater Mobile App to help the campus community organize school life. More and more students, faculty and staff are using the app to navigate academia.

“We partnered with another company called Involvio, and the app was rolled out last fall,” said Christa Vrabel, manager of web operations. “It has been, and will be constantly updating and evolving, adding new features to make the app more user friendly and as helpful as possible to both faculty and students.”

The app is full of useful tools and features for making schooling during COVID-19 smoother and easier as well. This includes access to a daily screener survey, as well as the ability to reserve in-class seats for classes that won’t be able to fully meet physically.

The app allows users is the ability to input events, important dates and other information. Essentially, the app has a built-in planner so that people can have access to everything they need to remember in the palm of their hand.

“I found out about it through an email the school sent a while back, and it’s honestly been a great help,” senior Parker Sellers said. “For me, personally, I’ve never been one to write things down. I use either my phone or my computer for just about everything to keep all I need to remember for school in one place.”

Anyone with a UW-Whitewater account can use the mobile app and also connect with anyone else who has the app. This allows access and connections for professors as well as advisers and resident assistants, to name a few. This can be especially helpful for people involved in different groups around campus.

“It’s kind of all encompassing,” senior Joshua Fugate said. “It’ll give me access to all the different people and organizations that I’m involved with. I can set up events and meetings for the clubs I’m in, as well as keeping my own class materials organized.”

As any member of multiple student organizations, Fugate has a large group of people to keep track of, and who he needs to maintain consistent communication. The app makes all of that possible and more.

The UW-Whitewater Mobile App is available on all Apple, Android, and Windows. It just might help make school life a little easier.