Panici progressing, tumor reduces

The journey continues.

After finding out she had brain cancer in January, Lisa Panici has been moving forward.

A week after the April 15 benefit game that raised over $4,000, Lisa had an appointment with doctors to see how her treatment was working.


“She had her MRI’s and it gave us encouraging news that things are progressing and what is in the right direction,” Lisa’s father Mike Panici said. “There has been a reduction in the size of the original tumor and the fact that the therapy is working is an encouraging thing because at least it’s doing the right thing.”

Mike said Lisa is continuing physical therapy and treatment.

“She is still following through with her physical therapy every day, from two to four hours per day,” Mike said. “Lisa is as strong and resilient as she has ever been. She has not missed a beat as far as her attitude is concerned.”

Remembering the summer activities she did last year has been hard for Lisa, but she takes that into consideration and works even harder, Mike added.

“It’s difficult to know that summer is coming and she remembers going to the beach and last year she ran in a mini triathlon,” Mike said. “Those little types of things drive her to continue pushing through more of the emotionally difficult things.”

She will continue to work on physical therapy and has an appointment next week to see if things are once again improving.

“We have another appointment [next week] and that will be another follow up to see how she is doing,” Mike said. “Every time she goes in, the drug dose doubles of what she was taking before.”

Although she is months into her recovery, people are still being very generous and helpful.

“After the benefit, [there] has been a real outpouring of the generosity [from] people; It’s incredibly appreciated,” Mike said. “The benefits we have had from having this many people around, it will be something that I will for the rest of my life try to pay forward.”