We all wear a mask

COVID-19 sparks a new trend in today’s world


Dane Sheehan

Photographer Dane Sheehan takes a self portrait wearing the new UW-Whitewater Warhawks mask.

Autumn Hanses-Smith, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

So I don’t know if you’ve seen the new trend going around but everyone is wearing… masks. Who knew that there would be a global pandemic in our lifetime, it’s crazy to see what the new normal has come to. You have to always be wearing your mask in public places like stores, restaurants, and now classes in school…wow. In order to keep everyone safe we must follow the policies in place on campus and around the community. You can have fun and socialize just safely. I know it’s hard to remember to grab masks in a rush so put a few in your purse, car, key holder, and maybe in a pocket where it won’t get washed. I’m not sure why but the masks people have are cool, some go around your neck, others wrap around the ears, some tie around your head, some just have really cool designs. Each mask is unique and so is the person wearing them. We can agree that it’s annoying and sometimes may be stupid but it is only there for protection. You do not wear your mask as a blindfold unless you’re making a tik tok because those are popular in today’s age. We do not wear them to just cover our mouths. We have all been drinking through straws since they can slide right under our masks, we look like guinea pigs. I’ve seen some interesting things while wearing masks, you begin to read people by their eyebrows like men are raised showing that he’s confused, women are curved in the middle showing that she’s laughing, the other guy is mad because he is frowning and he has some strong language. We can all easily judge people by wearing a mask, I’m not encouraging you to do that but you could.