Janesville citizen encourages vote for Don Vruwink in assembly


Don Vruwink meets with veterans.

There are always those teachers that stick out to you when you remember your childhood. Their fun way of presenting a subject, their kindness, their humor…whatever the reason, they’ve made an impact. Don Vruwink made an impact on a lot of us at Milton High School and he continues to make an impact in the State Assembly. Last year, he worked with Representative Travis Tranel to pass a bill giving an alternative to a standardized test at the college level for Special Ed teachers. Understanding that standardized testing does not fit every learning style (and doing something about it) is one of the ways Don Vruwink shows us that education is important to him. It should be important to everyone in this state! With so much divide in our country, watching leaders like Don Vruwink reach across the aisle and work with his peers to get things done is refreshing.

     We need people at the State level that will go to bat for education. We also need people at the State level that will take on challenges, in all areas, working TOGETHER. Mr. Vruwink has once again made an impact on me through his hard work and dedication to his cause. I urge you to re-elect Don Vruwink for State Assembly.

     Sincerely, Ann Salmon

     Janesville, WI