Bad Bunny Crocs (you know you want ’em)


Jake Klein, Journalist

Your favorite pair of rubber clogs that you secretly love, but are ashamed to rock in public got a fancy makeover thanks to a collaboration with Latin trap artist Bad Bunny.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and songwriter. His music is often defined as Latin trap and reggaetón, but he has incorporated various other genres into his music too. Recently, Crocs reached out to Bad Bunny about a potential collaboration with them.

Much like Travis Scott’s successful deal with McDonald’s, Bad Bunny was likely a target for Crocs because of his established fanbase in recent years. The artist’s first studio album, which was completely recorded in Spanish, skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts and broke several records.

It’s obvious that Bad Bunny is a very trendy artist, and makes sense as to why Crocs reached out to him. Bad Bunny is not the first musician to land a deal with the brand. In 2018, Crocs released its shoe collaboration with rapper Post Malone.

Bad Bunny’s limited edition Crocs had glow-in-the-dark charms, and were released on their site Tuesday. By late Tuesday afternoon, the lowest price at which the shoes could be purchased on the resale site StockX was $265. Hours earlier, they retailed for $64.99, and they sold out within the first hour they were listed. 

Crocs has been gaining popularity for the past five years, but they’ve really taken off in 2020. Overall this year, U.S. retail sales of footwear are down 20 percent when compared to the same period in 2019. For  Crocs however, their sales are up 48 percent, according to Matt Powell, an analyst at the NPD Group, a market research firm.

Michelle Poole, the president of Crocs, spoke highly of the collaboration.

“He’s got a very daring style, a very unapologetic attitude and he’s also someone who loves Crocs,” she told the Times. 

In regards to if there will be another round of the Crocs for sale, Poole said that it was possible.

“It’s certainly something that isn’t off the table if there’s appetite,” she told the times. That said, what we want to do is have the feeling for our customers that they’ve captured something that’s really valuable. And if you over-distribute anything it loses its value, so it’s really about finding the right balance.”

If you didn’t get a pair during the initial sale, make sure you stay up to date in case they release them for another round!