Transfer students locked out of campus housing

With the growing number of incoming freshmen at UW-Whitewater each year, students transferring or re-applying will no longer be able to live in the student dorms.

“We have more students now than we did last year … we’re truly crowded,” Frank Bartlett said. “It’s never good to have too many people in a temporary housing situation … you get to the point where you get trapped.”

Bartlett said there are many housing possibilities off-campus and UW-Whitewater is trying its best to help students with alternative housing.

“There’s a vibrant off-campus marketplace,” Bartlett said. “We’re trying to connect students to where the possibilities are.”

WSG Vice-President John Jensen said he doesn’t think there was much of a choice, stating this decision was a “necessity” for the campus.

“It almost a good problem to be having,” Jensen said. “Our student population is growing. With the growth that we are seeing here our resident halls filled up quite quickly.

“I don’t think that we will see a decrease in students transferring. Whitewater is one of the top schools for students transferring out of two year campuses and I think we will continue to see that happen.”

Jensen said off-campus housing vacancy rates had previously been as high as 10 percent recently and that this campus housing problem should help the landlords off-campus fix their vacancy problem. He added that WSG’s housing guide is a great resource for off-campus housing.

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