There’s an imposter Among Us

Among Us, You’re Sus


Makayla Fedler, Editor

Who called a meeting? Where was the body? Red is sus. Blue is sus. Who’s the imposter? Most college students around campus probably are aware of these terms if they’ve been keeping up with the rest of their fellow peers. These terms come from a game called Among Us, a popular app that can be played on PC as well as iPhone or Android.

Among Us can be played either online or locally. Once picking which setting and server, you can pick a color to associate with your player. You can play with up to 10 people per game, and one of them “among us” is an imposter. The impostors objective of the game is to kill everyone on the ship without being caught by other crewmates. If the imposter succeeds, they win the game. If you’re a crewmate, your objective of the game is to catch the imposter and complete your given tasks to win. So what’s with all the sus talk? Let’s get into that.

Once a body is found, you want to report it and there will be an emergency meeting to discuss who was: around the area, suspicious (or sus, no one says suspicious, it’s sus now), or if you saw the player get killed in the same room. This is where the intensity heats up in the game.

As an impostor, you better be a good liar and know how to hide your tracks. During these emergency meetings, it’s in your best interest to get the crewmates to believe you’re one of them. Build an alliance, that’ll get you winning games left and right.

Among Us was originally made in 2018, but became successful in the past month through social media. Students here on campus can’t stop playing, as well as myself and UW-Whitewater Freshman, Elijah Herring.

“Students like playing the game basically because of the shenanigans involved and how you can throw the game with ease,” said Herring.

I highly recommend downloading this game if you want a new way to play online with friends while still being safe. If you prefer talking with friends while playing rather than typing, you can also Facetime, download Discord for voice lobbies, or use Webex/Zoom. If we’re calling it Zoom University nowadays, let’s take a little break from the lectures and call up some friends and play a couple rounds of Among Us. Good luck to you future imposters, and for my fellow crewmates, keep an eye out.