Subway app boosts customers during pandemic


Freshman Julissa Donald is happy to receive her meal from the Whitewater Subway using the convenient mobile app.

Jaelyne White, Business and Technology Editor

Whitewater’s very own Subway developed a quick and safe way to give its customers sub sandwiches during the pandemic by creating curbside pickup paired with their app. The app allows customers to choose a curbside pickup option, so then they can pull right into the reserved spots at their local Subway. 

Subway created various deals on the app, along with the pickup option, creating peak rush hours at the sub-franchise.

“It’s easier to do deals, and if you have a busy schedule you can just come in and grab it instead of waiting in line. We get a lot of orders during dinner time,” said employee and UW-Whitewater student Jamie Parsley.

The Subway app allows customers to order from anywhere, grants access to their rewards program and provides customization options. It even let’s customers name their sandwiches.  

“If someone has a question with the app, we are really good if they just call the store. We try to find the best shortcuts to help our customers,” said night manager Dakota Burkhart.

While COVID-19 has been something that has affected everyone, Subway quickly picked up on the curbside trend like many other restaurants. It was created to be convenient, timely and safe for all parties involved in transactions. It just requires a quick scan of your phone at the register or an online payment. 

“I liked how quick it was to get through the app and be able to get my food faster. Also, I want to use some of the deals in the future,” said freshman Julissa Donald.

Whitewater’s Subway is located at 1170 B W. Main St. and the Subway app can be downloaded to any smart phone.