Students use online resources for election


Students use online resources to vote in 2020 Presidential Election

Ben Yang, Journalist

Online voter registration is an option for the 2020 presidential election that many students are choosing, as well as voting early and by mail. 

“I registered to vote online, but I registered in a previous election, right when I was eligible to vote. I chose to do it online at this time so that my parents could help me if I had any questions,” said University of Wisconsin-Whitewater junior Sarah Weber.

Eligible voters may choose to register online for its ease and convenience compared to other forms of registering.

“I registered to vote online through their website. Overall, the process was very simple and easy to follow. Registering this way was efficient and convenient for someone who usually has a packed schedule,” said UW-W junior Ashlie Yang.

Along with the various ways to register to vote, there are also different ways to cast ballots in as well. These different ways include in person, by mail, or requesting an absentee ballot.

“I voted in person just because the town hall where I can go is five minutes from my house so it’s a pretty easy drive to just go over there and do it early,” said UW-W sophomore Ben Biersack.

For voters that are not able to go home and vote, they can cast in their ballots through the mail.

“I voted through mail. I chose this way because I am away from home since I am living in Whitewater,” said Weber.

Because of the current state of the world, Yang decided to request an absentee ballot instead of going to the polls to vote in person.

“I decided to get an absentee ballot due to COVID-19. I felt safer with this option than voting in person,” said Yang.

With the help of the internet and technology, many students use the media to help them understand each candidate and to aid them in choosing who they are voting for. Along with that, students also compare their own individual attitudes to see how they line up with each candidate as another tool in choosing who they are voting for.

“I did not explicitly gather sources, but I did use what I have seen on media, debates, and the way my personal beliefs line up with each of the candidates’ beliefs,” said Weber.

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have advertised and promoted eligible voters to vote in this year’s election to make their voices heard.

“I’m voting in this election because I feel like contributing my voice and opinion may help influence a change,” said Yang.

The 2020 presidential election will take place on Nov. 3.

“We have a voice! We are young adults, and we will be entering real life and the workforce within a few years,” said Weber. “We have the ability to vote for the person that we feel would help us be the most successful. We have a voice and the right to choose because we are a democracy!”