Mandatory COVID-19 testing likely in spring


Chancellor Dwight Watson speaks about plans for spring semester during the Nov. 2 Whitewater Student Government meeting.

Jake Klein, Journalist

The Whitewater Student Government met to discuss sexual harassment training, the spring semester academic calendar and COVID-19 testing Monday, Nov. 2. 

The first topic discussed was mandatory sexual harassment training for all students. All students must complete it annually regardless if they’ve done it in the past. 

Regarding the academic calendar, the group discussed how and if spring break would proceed. 

One choice was to keep it as it is, and return afterwards.  Another one of the options was to start the spring semester a week later.  The last option was to push the break back until the third week of April, and then determine afterwards whether the students would come back to school in person, or if it would be fully remote. 

They’ve decided that the best route was to move Spring break back to the third week of April and have all the students all come back if conditions are right. Attendees said nental health leaders have expressed that spring break is what’s best for students and the debate on whether to return virtually or in person can take place when the time gets closer. 

Starting next semester, the system is moving towards mandatory testing for students on and off campus. The reason being is the more testing that can be done, they can find people that are asymptomatic, but are also carriers. When all students return in spring, the thought is everyone will be tested once a week. If all conditions are right, they will continue the programming as scheduled, but if not, after spring break, all classes will be remote. If students don’t follow through with these tests, students will have to deal with some sort of misconduct, but there will be implications both ways. 

Whitewater Student Government meetings are held virtually every Monday at 7 p.m.

Justin Wesolek discussing the Center for Students with Disabilities during the Whitewater Student Government Nov. 2 meeting.