Promoting UW-W Police


Karley Garcia

UW-W Police K-9 Officer Kelsey Servi and her dog Truus keep watch outside Goodhue Hall Nov. 12.

Carina Lopez, News Editor

Officer Kelsey Servi of the University Police Department continues to showcase a commendable career with a recent promotion as Lieutenant.  The Royal Purple sat down with Servi Nov. 12 to discuss the higher ranking position and the accomplishments that led to it. 

UW-Whitewater has been a part of Servi’s life for almost 10 years. She graduated from the university and established her career at her very own alma mater. Servi was reaching the end of her education in 2014 and beginning her career as a police officer simultaneously. 

“Lt. Kelsey Servi has demonstrated her commitment to our community time and again,” said Chief of Police Matthew Kiederlen. 

At the University Police Department, Servi has held multiple positions: Residence Hall Officer, K-9 Officer and now Lieutenant. 

“It started where I was the only residence hall officer and in the past three years we’ve branched out to having two. Our main role is to focus our patrol and resources within the residence halls,” said Servi. “For K9, the dog is an explosives detection K-9. She doesn’t search for drugs at all – our main purpose is safety.” 

Being that there are only 25 explosive detective dogs in the state of Wisconsin, the resource helps a larger community beyond the university. 

Asked what the work is like sniffing out explosives, Truus gave a resounding, “RUFF!”

Truus, a K-9 Dutch shepherd police dog, keeps the campus safe outside Goodhue Hall Nov. 12. (Karley Garcia)

Working with Truus, and in the other roles over Servi’s time in Whitewater have culminated in her most recent promotion to lieutenant. She further explained the significance of her promotion, and what that job entails.

“This position is more focused on the bigger picture: how to best operate this police department within the community as opposed to the daily calls for service,” said Servi. 

Stepping back and looking at the impact of the department is a change for Servi. Still learning the ropes of the new role has become a rewarding experience. 

“I look forward to her further development as a lieutenant,” said Kiederlen. “She was already a leader within our organization, an ambassador to our community and an asset to our regional partners. Her promotion will only serve to enhance and expand those roles.” 

Last year, Servi received a Women in Leadership recognition. Now ranking higher in a male-dominated field, the significance of this recognition increased. 

“It almost validates you, like I can do this job too. I can do it just as well or sometimes better in some aspects. Women do belong in this career. What I am doing is getting recognized for why I wanted to become a police officer. I wanted to have an impact in some capacity and I did my job to the best of my ability, so it felt good.” said Servi.

Her collaborative efforts to prevent and solve problems in the areas around campus have been of great service to the community. Servi looks forward to another 10 years ahead.