University Center features in-person and online fun in 2021


Ky McCombe

Alexus Hoelbl (pictured above) enjoys her food while sitting socially distanced with her friends outside of Warhawk Alley located in the James R. Connor University Center on Friday, Jan 22.

Caleb Kahila, Assistant Arts and Rec Editor

The spring semester is upon us, and while it is looking like a repeat of the last, that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t any fun events or specials being planned by the university. That’s especially true for the James R. Connor University Center where much of the university’s entertainment can be found.
“We pretty much have specials going on every week,” said Warhawk Alley lead coordinator Ryan Frencel. “One of the things we most want students and others to be aware of is the All Access Points Special being offered.”

Emily Cole (pictured above) sits socially distanced eating her dinner in the James R. Connor University Center on Friday, Jan 22. (Kylie McCombe)

The all access points special gives students four points on their Hawkcard that can be used for a free game of bowling, shoe rental and 1 hour of billiards, with one point used for each.
UC Entertainment will continue to host online events for the campus, as well as start hosting virtual events through YouTube for the first time. The first set of virtual events for the semester will be part of WinterFest.

The Warhawk Alley (pictured above) located in James R. Connor University Center provides students with access to bowling, the Summer Auditorium (movie theatre), and additional eating and study locations. As the afternoon came to a close on Friday, Jan.22 the people within Warhawk Alley began to linger. (Kylie McCombe)

“As of now all of the UC Entertainment events will be virtual,” said entertainment assistant Jacob Bailey. “It’s likely to stay that way unless something changes.”
However, for those that would like to see a movie in-person, the Summers Auditorium is still hosting in-person movies while also hosting them online, with admission being $1 for those with a Hawkcard ID and $3 for those without.
“I believe the movie “Freaky” sets the tone off right for our movie schedule,” said Bailey. “We now also have new showings on Fridays and Saturdays as well, which we are really excited about.”

In the Downstairs Section of the University Center the eating services such as Fire, Heat are available as well and the Summer’s Auditorium. (Kylie McCombe)

Roberta’s Art Gallery is also hosting many new virtual exhibits and workshops this semester for the campus to enjoy.

“There are lots of virtual opportunities this semester but it varies.” said Tonia Kapitan, who works at the UC information services and is a Warhawk Alley coordinator. When discussing Roberta’s Art Gallery, Kapitan also mentioned that while most exhibits are virtual, the art gallery itself is free to enter and explore each week.

“If you want to come and do something in person then that is an option,” said Kapitan. For those looking to get a little outdoorsy or creative this semester, Roberta’s Art Gallery is also hosting a “Warhawk Winter Digital Photo Contest” which can be participated in by entering online from Feb. 1-19. So, if you’re looking to get a more artistic experience out of your time here at the university, you can learn more about their events and what’s going on at the art gallery website

If you’re looking to try and have some more fun to entertain yourself this semester, then it may be a good idea to check out the University Center and see what specials and events are being offered that can make for a fun experience this spring.

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