Whitewater graduate returns to perform as guest artist

Graduate Nick Zoulek performed as a guest artist before attending graudate school

Zoulek, a resident of Menominee Falls, Wis., graduated from UW-Whitewater last May with a degree in music performance for the saxophone. At the end of September, Zoulek will travel to a conservatory in Paris to continue his study on the saxophone.

“I will be pursuing a two-year program in Paris, which is the equivalent of a master’s degree here in America,” Zoulek said. “Once I finish I plan to do the American version of a master’s, and then go onto a doctorate.”

The concert, which covered repertoire for the alto and soprano saxophone, took place in The Greenhill Center of the Arts, where about 50 people attended, including friends, faculty and fellow musicians.

“It was nice to showcase everything I’ve learned here at UW-Whitewater and be able to perform for my friends,” Zoulek said. “It was very generous for the university to give me this opportunity.”

Dr. Matthew Sintchak, saxophone professor at UW-Whitewater, thought that this performance would be a nice practice run for an upcoming audition Zoulek has in Paris, he said.

“Zoulek has been very active with saxophone quartets, jazz groups and ensembles in the past five years,” Sintchak said. “He has really excelled in the department and will continue to do so in Paris.”

Zoulek has been playing the saxophone since the sixth grade and has a goal of teaching saxophone at a college level.

“I love being able to communicate through music, and teaching at a college level would be
ideal,” Zoulek said. “Being able to perform, pursue my research and have one-on-one time with students would be great.”

Zoulek has been practicing for his future job by tutoring private students throughout South-Eastern Wisconsin for the past three-and-a-half years.

The recital featured six pieces performed by Zoulek with accompaniments from Dr. Sintchak on saxophone, Lannette Calhoun on piano and dancer Liz Sexe.

Though the recital was a great practice for Zoulek, he said the evening had a lot more meaning for him.

“This recital was very special because it was a chance for me to say goodbye to friends and musicians I have performed with,” Zoulek said. “For me, there is no better way to do that than a performance.”