Get in shape for the summer

A new club sport has arrived and it’s the Warhawk Barbell Club


Daniel Jones, head of the powerlifting division, deadlifts a heavy weight.

Matthew Ellis, Arts and Rec Editor

With spring arriving and summer right around the corner, now is a great time to get that summer body. Luckily, the Warhawk Barbell club has got you covered. The club offers three distinct and separate subsections to meet your specific needs. The three being olympic lifting, powerlifting and a hypertrophy based general lifting group. The three have merged together to create the new club.

“Students don’t need any lifting knowledge at all. Whether you are a master lifter or are not even sure what a bench press is, we fully encourage anyone to participate that’s interested in upgrading their personal fitness lifestyle. The only requirement that we have is that you remain dedicated and bought in to creating a healthier lifestyle that helps you achieve your personal fitness goals,” said Jacob Bailey, head of the general lifting division. 

The general lifting part of the club focuses on hypertrophy and physique style training. Essentially focusing on growing the muscle and not focusing strictly on strength itself. The powerlifting section of the club focuses on training three compound movements. Those being the barbell bench press, squat and deadlift. The powerlifting section has meets where members can compete against other schools and such. Their first meet will be on May 15th. Lastly, the Olympic lifting portion focuses on other various lifts, such as; snatch, clean and jerk. 

“We do not require any kind of commitments to the club, however if you want to excel, you will have to be committed. Powerlifting is great because you really get out of it what you put in,” said Daniel Jones, head of the powerlifting division. 

Jones, who is one the club founders, wanted to start the club after he saw there was no powerlifting club on campus his freshman year. By the time the summer before his senior year rolled around he decided to go ahead and start the club. The powerlifting club then merged with the weightlifting club and added a new hypertrophy based club to form what is now known as the Warhawk Barbell Club. 

Overall, the club as a whole offers a wide range of training styles to best fit any students personal preferences. For information on how to join, as well information on other club sports can be found on their website,