Gimme a (tax) break!

Tax deadline extended to May 17


El Nevado Tax Services is located at 239 East Milwaukee St. in Whitewater.

Michael Bose, Journalist

Everyone has to do their taxes – it’s an important part of society. But not everyone knows how to file their taxes properly, and that’s where El Nevado Tax Services can help. This local family-run business offers a simple and fast tax service right here in Whitewater. 

Owner Mauricio Castaneda typically sees adults with families filing their taxes with them, and around ten percent of his clients are college students. Castaneda says students who need to file their taxes, maybe for the first time, shouldn’t be nervous. 

“For the most part it is easy, but I would say the tedious part would be filing,” said Castaneda. “Depending on the situation, it takes around 15-20 minutes to file someone’s taxes.” 

Tedious, but not difficult for El Nevado. They know how to navigate difficult questions and find all the tax breaks possible for clients. 

Castaneda’s son Alex works for him as well, keeping the locally owned business in the family. In order to become a tax preparer, Alex had to take a two month-long course ending with a certification test. Alex attended Liberty Tax for his schooling and chose to become a tax preparer because he thought it was a very interesting field with the unique opportunity to work with his dad. 

“It is busiest a month or so before the taxes are due,” said Alex. “But we still have time to help those who need to file.” 

El Nevado sees a peek in clients in the late winter and early springtime each year as tax season approaches. Due to the pandemic this year, the Internal Revenue Service has again extended the tax deadline to May 17.