Will the world always exist?

We asked and you answered. In honor of Earth Day, the Royal Purple wondered in your opinion, if you think the world might no longer exist some day and why? Here are some thoughts:

“I think that the world itself will always exist, even if it turns into some rock and bursts into bits and pieces, but I think that society in general and humans and animals might definitely cease to exist because of how we don’t take care of the Earth.”

-Jeanna Ramig, 20

“Yeah earth will die one day for sure. If nothing happens before this, the sun will become a red giant in like 4 or 5 billion years or something, so that’ll definitely melt the whole thing. The sun’s straight up just gonna get massive gains and become big enough to just consume earth. I’m pretty sure that is a scientific fact so I think it will happen.”

-Drake Nuzzo, 21