Hitting a strike for gold


Collegiate Club Championships

The UW-Whitewater men’s bowling club team stands for a photo with the trophy after winning the 2021 collegiate club bowling national championship for the second consecutive year.

Hunter Wade, Journalist

The bowling club entered the tournament over confident. Coming in at the one seed, and looking past Andrian, the first time playing together this season. After losing the match to Andrian, the Whitewater bowling club locked in and seeked to redeem themselves. They went on a roll beating Arizona State, 9 seed, 2-1, then onto Wright State University, 4 seed, 2-0, then Bowling Green University, 2 seed, 2-0, then Lewis University, 8 seed, 2-1, and then finally University of Central of Missouri, 3 seed, 2-1. The club would then face Andrian in the championship, and a chance to redeem themselves after being knocked down in the first round. 

Brandon Mooney, clubs championships Most Valuable Player

“Having to go through a difficult year with COVID and having it all come to matter at the end.”

The Hawks would end the tournament lights out. Bowling back to back matches and getting hot, and beating Andrian 3-0. The Cinderella story of Andrian was knocked out at the very end. The president still showed a lot of respect for Andrian, as they entered the tournament with the back against the wall as a 9 seed, and then coming together to compete. The hawks delivered, entering the uncertain season and adapting to a season plagued with COVID, the hawks never lost sight of their goal of taking home the trophy. 

Shawn Wochner, bowling club president, had to say:

“We entered the season with a goal of winning the nationals, and it felt good to accomplish those goals.”