Mash-Up Exhibit amazes

Front Row Review


Morgan Guenther

During the month of September, artist Guzzo Pinc paintings are displayed in Roberta’s Art Gallery.

Erica Chandler, Arts and Rec Editor

The Mash-Up Exhibit is a collection of semi-abstract and very unique pieces, compared to what I have seen before. The difference in colors in each piece as well as the difference in textures and designs are something that brings out something exclusive in each piece. Looking at the short amount of pieces that are presented in the gallery, the two pieces that caught my eye were ‘Prezzemolo’ as well as ‘Appearance’

The green color as well as the similar shapes in “Prezzemolo” are something that really took my attention. As I looked more into detail, however, I found that the shapes and colors were different as each one had different strokes of green within one another. The shapes took individual designs and my mind began to change the painting from shapes and color to seeing the forest ground with leaves, grass, and earth all around. The graffiti and semi-abstract piece of art before me has transformed into something completely different then when I first laid my eyes on it. The earthy and repetitive nature of the piece is its own.

Moving farther into the gallery, the piece “Appearance” shows me something different and more individual than the last. The hint of reds and colorful musical strokes that are shown in this piece shows the beauty and the talent behind the artist. At first glance, I saw the vibrant and intricate story of the popful color red and the strokes of the unique colors near that red. That story showed music and talent that was found and created into something that was used as its own. The dull and texturized colors behind that soprano of color are showing a completely different story. The story is dull and lifeless. Talentless almost. There is no music and no color but the talent of the textures are still present and accounted for. The textures moved into more of a colorful rainbow of music and a sense of pride and knowing. 

The Mash-Up Exhibit art is unique and full of different colors and textures. The different colors and textures show the individuality of each piece and what each piece is showing as a whole. Whether musical and dull or imagery within the art. The gallery, in my book, is given a 10 out of 10 and it is well deserved.