Community gives blood to save lives


Eda Wilson, a community member donating blood with a fellow Red Cross nurse.

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

The Whitewater community hosted a Blood Drive event that was set up by the American  Red Cross at the Cravath Lakefront Center. The blood drive happened Sept. 17 from 12 – 6 p.m., and it brought in a lot of people to help out with donating their blood. The reason it became important is that the community came together to save lives even through the pandemic that are hard times currently. But the community that donated wants to become role models for the future of children, and others to inspire them to do great things. And this could be one of those great things.

“It brings the community together especially with all of the Covid-19 happening. People still need blood to live, and it is going to help them all the more. And it is nice to see people help out with that,” said Red Cross Team Leader, Emma Cannon.

There are always people attending to donate their blood but the amount of how many  people donating are what makes the blood drive important.

“There were 62 people donating blood today at this event, and they are going to save lives” said Cannon

The community members giving blood would be there giving blood, they would talk to you about your health history, all of the issues be talked out, get registered in, and get onto the table to get their blood drawn out. The blood transfer for donating would take about 8 or 10 minutes long, afterwards you will have to relax, eat some refreshments, drink water, and be proud of yourself for saving lives.

“I have role models with my parents, I did it because of my husband when I transfer my blood for him. So now I have done it ever since and to help out. And I want to be that role model to inspire others,” said community member, Eda Wilson.

The pandemic has been a lot but having a moment of your time to donate blood even in the harshest time can help save lives. If you would like to donate blood to the nearest Red Cross, contact the American Red Cross at 262-229-0017 and check out their website