Students sing their hearts out


Joe Zehr

Dabe Okoli (Left), Maiya Tatum (Middle), and Peyton McLaughlin (Right) sing the song Super Bass for the other warhawks at karaoke night on 09/16/2021.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

There is never a dull night on the Whitewater campus. Even in the middle of the week students are ready to go out and let loose. On Thursday, September 16th the University center held a karaoke night for any and all students to partake! And partake they did, as nearly a hundred students showed up to support, sing and dine on pizza while surrounded by their singing of their friends, on and off-key. The night was stitched and held together by non-other than the University Center staff. Their hard work and dedication to the event made it a night to be remembered for several of the students. They acted as worker bees, moving to and from the stage and in the sound room to ensure everything ran smoothly.

“We prepared by printing all the sheets so they could sign up for their songs. We have binders full of all the songs that we have, along with the CD number and track number. All the students need to do is write down the information on the slip and hand it to us. We will get it ready for them and have the slips all in order that they come in so everyone has a chance to go and sing,” said event staff Danielle Ortega, a junior Psychology major. “The night is going really well. There are a lot of people here, more than I expected. It seems pretty full right now. People are definitely enjoying the night so far. It’s a lot of fun and people love to be here. We try to get as many events in as possible to make the students  feel welcomed, especially the freshmen, like they have something to do here in Whitewater. I feel like this is something really important that they can go out and do with their friends, even on a Thursday night.”

The Karaoke event was held on the lower floor of the University Center in the “Down Under.” A dimly lit area that holds a stage, audience chairs, and a sound booth. This area is regularly used for Karaoke, Poetry slams, and other social events that the students of Whitewater University can engage in.

Those who were able to make it to Karaoke described it as a buzzing atmosphere filled with good vibes and music. There was not one face that wasn’t smiling or a single head that wasn’t bopping to the jams.

“I think Karaoke is a fun way to get out of your dorms. You know, because at times it gets boring and sad there. So when you get out with your friends it’s a way to enjoy yourself and escape your dorm. I love listening to people sing. Some of them are good and some of them are funny so it’s been interesting. We have tried to go and join every single event that they have put out there in the paper and in ads, we do our best to come to all of them.” Said Freshman Brianna Grissmeyer, a business and marketing major.

There were over a dozen different students who sang that night. The songs ranged from “Hotel California” by the Eagles to “Pretty good at drinking beer” by Billy Currington. At different points during the night, you could see and hear students singing and clapping along to these classics. You may even have caught a few students busting a move to their favorite tune. They just couldn’t seem to help themselves as the night went on. Those who were brave enough to hold the microphone were the true trendsetters of the night keeping the music coming while those around them chatted and listened.

“I came here because I really wanted to have a fun time and sing. I haven’t done choir in over a year, so this was really nice to get up again and sing in front of people. I sang Taylor Swift’s ‘Fifteen.’’ Said freshman Isabella Burelback, a major in Early Childhood Education. “The audience was really cheerful, they kept cheering me on, which was really nice of them.”

Although the school year has just begun, the students at UWW have so many memories tucked away already. With the Covid-19 vaccine making its way around campus we are sure to see more of these fun-filled activities taking over the University Center and giving more students a chance to sing their hearts out!

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