The Icarus Account returns for packed performance


Courtesy of the University Center

The Icarus Account plays for a packed house in the Down Under of the University Center Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021.

Bree Lurvey, Campus News Editor

The Icarus Account, a band made up of twin brothers Ty and Trey Turner, performed live for an excited crowd in the Down Under of the school’s very own University Center this last Thursday, Sept. 23.

After being invited to UW-W, these brothers gladly hopped on a 4 a.m. flight to make their way to Wisconsin all the way from Florida. The crowd was laughing and clapping along to the band’s mixture of original songs and covers, even including Super Bass by Niki Minaj. The atmosphere was one of fun and chill vibes while Ty and Trey sat in front of the audience using nothing but their guitars for accompaniment. 

These brothers write and record their music from their very own studio in Florida, and live up to the sound. 

“We aren’t so full of ourselves that we think everyone knows our music, so we like to do half covers and half originals during concerts to connect with everyone, and we really love the experience,” said Ty Turner.

 Ty and Trey were more than happy to meet and talk to those attending the show afterwards, and had a lot of enthusiasm about being back at the university after performing in the same spot a few years back. 

It is clear that these two are brothers based off of their interactions on stage. Trey is the oldest by just five minutes along with being a husband and father of two. Ty on the other hand is married to a hairdresser, despite the fact that he hasn’t had a haircut or shaved since roughly 2014. He is also the father of two cats. In between songs there was brotherly bickering of who carried the band, and who of the two blew their chance on their unaired audition for The Voice. 

While the band itself may be a bit underground, their music has still been heard by a large audience. 

“Snapchat actually reached out to us asking if they could use our song Favorite Girl for their Valentines Day team Snapchat message,” said Trey. 

Getting on a platform like Snap Chat that will be shared with millions of people is one of many accomplishments for these guys. New music is coming from not only the band itself, but solo projects from each brother. All of their music, new and old, can be found on Spotify. With each brother branching out, they also encourage everyone to decide which is their favorite.