Pumpkins take over Whitewater


Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes what we like to call the “Pumpkin take over.” This is the time of year where everywhere you look it’s pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! Not that we’re complaining. This winter squash is held dear to many in our community and you will see them being sold all over Whitewater.

 One of the easiest places to get pumpkins would be at the local Walmart. There you will find a variety of pumpkins big and small to place outside your home. If you are looking for more of an adventure, then head on over to H&H pumpkin patch located here in Whitewater. This will give you the chance to scour the grounds for your own personal and perfect pumpkin. If you wish to support local farmers, then head over to the Whitewater farmer’s market where you are sure to find some of those big orange balls of love.

One of the best parts of this season is all the amazing pumpkin décor that you can place in and around your home. Light up your Jack o’ lanterns with a little light or go traditional and place a delicious smelling candle inside to create the ominous flickering. Some ideas for scents could be pumpkin pie, apple pumpkin or pumpkin spice. These same scents can be placed in your home using diffusers and wax burners! Just don’t forget to pick up your pumpkin carving kit so you’re not stuck using the nice kitchen knives. Other decoration ideas include blow-up pumpkins, pumpkin string lights, or something crazy, like pumpkin-themed thistle.

While the smells and décor are always something to revel at, what most look forward to are all the delectable and edible treats that only pumpkins can provide. Common favorites are pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, and can’t forget, of course, pumpkin spice lattes. However, there are a million other combinations of mouth watering pumpkin feasts to choose from. Quench your thirst with some pumpkin spice apple cider. Spend a night at home baking some succulent pumpkin spice muffins or some gooey pumpkin spice cookies. Head over to the candy section to find a bag of crème pumpkins, these small, sweet, pumpkin-shaped candies that taste just like candy corn.

The pumpkin takeover will consume our lives for the next couple of months so we should make pumpkin spice lattes out of pumpkins and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! It’s not every day where you can walk out into the fresh crisp air of fall and look around to see yourself surrounded by the color orange. Take the initiative now to go out and get yourself a pumpkin before the season slips through our fingers.