Young Auditorium kicks off ‘fabulous’ season


The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra performs at the Young Auditorium Saturday, Oct. 2.

Peyton Rollins, Arts & Recreation Editor

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra came to perform at the Young Auditorium Saturday, Oct. 2 to kick off the show season for Whitewater. Due to the weather, the orchestra was moved inside and the performance was put on the Young Auditorium live stream. Coming from the state of Louisiana and settling in Savannah, Georgia on the day of hurricane Katrina, The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra has travelled around the country playing their soulful, jazz music and entertaining their audiences.

 “We are so happy to be opening up the season, it’s been awhile since we’ve been here in Whitewater. We love this community and we are thankful for the opportunity,” said vocalist and trombone player Clay Johnson. 

Members Jeremy Davis, bandleader and tenor saxophone player, and Clay Johnson, who specializes in vocals and the trombone met one another at school in the 7th grade, became best friends and started their band. While watching the performance, the friendship was apparent and the entire orchestra was having a great time throughout their set. 

Their Saturday performance focused on playing songs composed and written by influential songwriter Johnny Mercer who also lived in Savannah, Georgia. The Fabulous Equinox played classics such as Charade, and Moon River by Mercer. The orchestra’s rhythm and dynamic melodies balanced perfectly with Clay Johnson’s smooth vocals.

“Throughout the pandemic, entertainers were ranked as the number one non-essential workers. We had all this time on our hand and we were able to record three albums during the pandemic,” said Davis.

The orchestra’s original music is also featured in the new movie Courting Mom and Dad.

“The arts as you know have been one thing that got us through the pandemic, please continue to support the arts,” said Johnson.