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Aaron Xiong

Peer advisor Anaya Rivera tabling for the Global Experiences Fair

Aaron Xiong, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Acting as the “one stop shop” for all things travel abroad related, the Office of Global Experiences encourages students to take the opportunity of a lifetime and study in a foreign country. On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the Global Experience Fair was held for students seeking more information about opportunities, countries available for travel and funding for the trips.

“I just think there is so much more you can learn outside the classroom and Whitewater. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget because you get to meet new people and experience new things. You get to fully experience the culture of the country you’re in because you can immerse yourself amongst the people and feel connected,” said peer advisor of the Office of Global Experiences Anaya Rivera.

COVID-19 isn’t putting a stop to students studying abroad either. As the first student to study abroad since the pandemic began, Rivera understands that the privilege of studying abroad is something worth taking advantage of.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to study abroad. The best experience is meeting new friends. You get close with the group of people you’re with and meet. Seeing another world and how much history there is outside of Whitewater is just something to behold,” said Rivera.

Although many students are deterred from traveling abroad because of the costs, there are ways to reduce the cost that it takes to travel to a foreign country. Depending on certain programs or countries that students travel to, there are certain grants and scholarships. Certain opportunities are the Wisconsin Grant and the Gilman Scholarship which is one of the bigger scholarships available.

“We understand that it is an investment to travel abroad. However, we want students to grasp at the fact that it’s an investment into their future,” said Global Experience Coordinator Dan Colleran. “By making this investment into their future, it builds their resume, helps them speak a language and gives them a different perspective on life.”

Although traveling and experiencing a country is one thing, Global Experiences is also striving to promote the academic and professional benefits as well.

“All your credits that are taken abroad will transfer back to Whitewater once they’re completed. Your resume also becomes stronger because future jobs will see that you can adapt to change which is a great skill to have,” said John Mcguigan professor of Language and Literatures.

For more information about travel abroad or the Office of Global Experiences, follow on Instagram @uww_oge or check out the website here.

The Global Experience Fair was held this past Tuesday September 28th outside the University Center. (Aaron Xiong)
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