National Voter Registration Day

League of Women Voters sign up citizens


Dauntae Green

Voter services chair Julia Ross of the League of Women Voters of the Whitewater Area tables at the Irvin L. Young Public Library Tuesday, Sept. 28 to help citizens register ahead of the coming November election.

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Whitewater Area set up voter registration at the public library from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., educating the citizens on registration for National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 28. This is the organization’s fourth year setting up, helping, supporting, and educating citizens on voter registration. 

National Voter Registration Day works with 300 partners through the libraries, universities, and food banks of every state to pay tribute to those who fought to march, protest, and fight for the right to vote. The organization set up a voter registration at the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library to educate those who attended about voter registration, how to vote, and where to go. 

The National Voter Registration Day is to support citizens through the registration process and get them prepared for Election Day. 

“The fourth time, the voter registration day has occurred nationwide to make access to vote easier and has to go through registration. We’re not here to support a political party, or a candidate. We’re here to support people through the voting registration. It makes it easier for the people to understand the voting registration process by sitting, talking to them, and setting this up for them,” said LWV Whitewater Area board member and voter services chair, Julia Ross.

The organization celebrates this opportunity but also works hard to encourage and educate the community through the process of voting and registration on this national holiday. 

“National Voters Registration Day in support, to push the efforts to participate in the voters registration by giving flyers, TV news, the news, just to give citizens the eligibility to give the availability to vote or not,” said Co-President of the LWV,  Ellen Penwell. 

The role of Ross and Penwell is to answer questions from citizens that come by about how to vote, educate them, and show them how to become eligible voters.

“To have us as a resource of information even for those who can’t get access, to learn about the process for all of the citizens and to encourage people to vote, in order for their voices to be known, and enjoy assisting them to know what it is to be citizens,” said Penwell.

To learn more about how to register to vote and to get information about the League of Women Voters and their work in the Whitewater area, visit

Dauntae Green