Summer sandals switch to fall footwear


Felicity Knabenbauer

A range of new and stylish boots displayed in the window of Dale’s Bootery in downtown Whitewater.

Brooklyn Stevenson, Lifestyle Jornalist

Today’s youth tend to express themselves through their change in footwear as the fall season arrives. Not only do the kind of shoes people wear depend on the season, but also what is in style. Depending on the type of shoes a person wears, supposedly tells what stereotypical style they have and possibly even a little bit about their personality. We all know there are certain categories that people are put into when it comes to style, but our generation seems to do a better job at letting anyone and everyone go outside the box. Fall requires a new type of shoe or boot to be worn, and there are specific shoes that are trending right now or rather, have come back into style. 

The types of fall shoes seen around town are not only considered trendy here in Whitewater, but also around the country. We see sneakers like Converse, Vans, and Air Forces making a comeback because not only do they make great fall shoes, but they seem to go just right with everyone’s fall outfits. They are popularized on social media, but also owned and distributed by powerful brands such as Nike and VF Corporation. Shoes such as Air Forces and even Converse are customizable as people have begun painting them with designs and other bold colors. The new creativity this generates allows for even more expressive footwear. 

So now that we have mentioned sneakers, let’s talk about the real bad boy of fall shoes: boots. Just-below-the-knee boots are no longer as popular as they used to be, but are still a classic favorite among many in the fall season. Brands like Dr. Martens, as well as various styles of combat boots are pretty famous for their strength and endurance. For a shoe like Dr. Martens, there are seven million pairs sold each year ranging in 250 different styles, including platform. Boots today make a statement either for the look a person is going for, or the occasion the boots are being worn to. Especially for the ever-so-cute over-the-knee boots, they are a dressy type of shoe to be worn whenever, but amazing for fall weather as the temperature drops.

There is such a wide range of fall shoes and boots for a wide range of people. In Whitewater there is Dale’s Bootery and the Thrift Shoppe available for folks to get their nifty and thrifty fall footwear. Dale’s Bootery has a huge selection of boots and shoes just downtown. The Thrift Shoppe has all of the classics ready for new life on your heels.

As many people are starting to organize their closets for the chilly weather, they can also go out and get some new shoes for fall vibes to replace those oldies, but goodies. No matter the fall shoe, remember to respect every student’s drip. 

Rows of used yet stylish boots waiting to be worn at the Thrift Shoppe on Church St. in Whitewater. (Felicity Knabenbauer)