Homecoming: A celebration of past, present and future


Brian Schanen, Contributor

In high school I remember homecoming as painting windows, watching the parade, and of course dress-up days! As I transitioned to college it was still fun, but looked a bit different, Willie dance battled his way out of challenges in the variety show, chalk took over the sidewalks, and how I watched football changed. Being a member of UWW-TV I had the honor of helping broadcast the game far and wide.

A lot stayed the same, the parade, royalty being named, and most importantly, abundant school pride! While the hallways filled with green and white became hallways brimming with purple and white, school pride still brought the community together. Alumni return, the community has an extra spring in its step, and everyone seems to have a unified goal – win the big game!

As I became staff, my role shifted to observer. Watching students laugh as they careen around campus racing beds, to seeing organization spirit in chalk on the sidewalks.

I think back to when I first fell in love with Whitewater over a decade ago, it was a student showing me around the TV and radio station, seeing their passion and spirit that drew me in (ironically it was right around homecoming). At that time I thought I was picking a place to go to school for the next four (or so) years. But as I look back, I realize I was picking something more, I was picking a home.

Homecoming is a celebration of all those people; past, present and future, that brings campus to life and makes it a home. And in times of struggle I realize that Willie’s variety show solution to challenges is pretty accurate; turn to your Warhawk Family, and dance (to the Warhawk Strut of course)! Have a fun, safe, spirited (and spooky) Homecoming Warhawks!

Brian Schanen

Lecturer – Communication