Club tennis hosts successful tournament


Connor Dewick

Kevin McCann tosses the tennis ball up for a beautiful serve against his opponent at the Wangerin Tennis Court at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater during the club tennis invite. October 23rd, 2021.

Brian Gale, Arts & Recreation Journalist

The UW-Whitewater club tennis team hosted a tournament on Sunday Nov. 24. The tournament featured six teams from 4 different schools and had Whitewater split up into two different teams, Whitewater Purple and Whitewater White. A few other schools competing included UW-Madison, UW-Eau Claire, Winona State, and Loyola University Chicago. The different matches that were held throughout the day were men’s doubles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, women’s singles, and also mixed doubles. 

Some of the breakout players for UW-Whitewater included junior Michael Happel. “Our team did really well. Personally, I wish I could have done better. The dents in my racket speak for that,” Happel jokes. Throughout the tournament Happel had amazing serves.” I did lose twice but I was hitting bombs left and right.” However, he believes he has plenty to work on. “Some things I need to work on are my backhand, volley, and returning the serve,” says Happel.

Another breakout player from the day was junior Jacquelyn Jenson who won three out of her four matches including an intense tiebreaker. “There were a lot of close matches and I was just able to put it away at the net,” says Jenson. Jenson however says she needs to get more consistent on serving.” I definitely have my serve down even in mixed doubles. The guys would have issues returning it but I just need to get more consistent at it.” 

The experience couldn’t have gone better for the teams that day. “It really is cool to come out and to just meet more people. It was a really enjoyable experience.” says Jenson. “Overall we hosted a tournament successfully during this age of Covid. So I would say it’s a success we’re out here today.” Happel said.

Final Standings

  1. UW-Madison
  2. UW-Whitewater Purple
  3. UW-Eau Claire
  4. Winona State
  5. UW-Whitewater White
  6. Loyola University Chicago