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Take a Break! October

As October approaches and the pace of class work gradually quickens, the desire for a well deserved break becomes more needed than ever. With the release of new video games and television series, October has the potential of being a month full of distractions. The good news is that, if used correctly, these distractions could end up being exactly what you need to wind down from schoolwork for a bit.

Rating Scale

* Not distracting
** A little distracting
*** Distracting
**** Pretty distracting
***** Very distracting

Television Shows

Start Date

Television Show




10-2 Dexter 8:00 p.m./Showtime ****
10-3 House 8:00 p.m./Fox ***
10-21 Grimm 8:00 p.m./NBC ***

Dexter and House are back again with yet another season, while Grimm’s series premier is hoping to spook up some interest.

Dexter, everyone’s favorite serial killer, has been known for its creative twists and dramatic plots. The shows steady progression is hopefully going to continue improving, making Dexter a favorite for many young adults.

House’s typical plot will take a turn as Dr. Gregory House spends time in jail for the first part of the season. The steady flow of sarcastic comments is what makes House fans coming back for more every season, and this season will be the same.

Grimm, a series based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales is going to be a cop series with a lot of dark thoughts, twists and action. Something to look forward to with this series is the inclusion of both human and mythical creatures.

Pencil in these three series into your schedule to give you something to look forward to each week!
Video Games

Release Date

Video Game




10-4 Rage Xbox 360, PS3, PC ****
10-18 Batman: Arkham City Xbox 260, PS3, PC *****
10-25 Battlefield 3 Xbox 360, PS3, PC *****

Nothing makes you forget about your responsibilities like a video game that allows you to blow the brains out of your opponents. Luckily for all you video game junkies out there, three highly anticipated games are soon to be released.

RAGE has been a long awaited game from the creators of Doom and Quake. The game is first person shooter, has role playing game options and exploration elements.

Batman: Arkham City is the long awaited stealth action sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game will have a new, wide ranged cast of characters from the world of Batman and will bring many new weapons into play.

Battlefield 3 is another first person shooter game and is a direct sequel to Battlefield 2. Battlefield 3 is the eleventh installment in the franchise and will have excellent multiplayer options, making it easy to play along with your friends.

Pop these games into your game consoles and I guarantee you will be able to clear your mind and blow off some steam.

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